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the comeback of poledance

We live on the countryside and I was to be honest hesitant to leave the city and my go-to pole studio because out here… where could I get to do poledance with a trainer? Of course I already have my own pole, old and fat is it too. The standard width got changed since I started… But training at home and training with a trainer is two completely different things!  Well good news everyone – there’s a new poledancing studio in town! To start off the summer they have offered intensive courses with two classes per week, I of course had to jump on this train even though I knew my body would get angry with me. I have started with occasional olympic weightlifting at the gym and my home practice on the pole before the course even started but I haven’t been able to do it as mush as I would like so my body isn’t especially used to working out that much in one week.

These last two weeks will be rough, as I’ve missed two classes when hubby was traveling and I had to stay home with the baby. Therefore I will have to do three classes per week! I though I was smart to leave them for last, when my body would feel more used to training. HAHAHAHA such a bad plan! I have been hanging from my shoulders and huffing and puffing my way up with the lower arms so my whole right arm is kind of numb and yeah. My muscles would kind of need a proper break. Surfing on my phone while baby is sleeping on my left arm I am sure have only made the fatigue worse too BUT WHEN ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO CATCH UP on instagram, pinterest and other very important feeds of nonsense. Hm?

Anyways. I am excited to be back up on the pole, I have even managed to find my way upside down in my basic invert and working towards the full invert and the wonderful gemini/scorpio-switch that I once rocked! I may or not feel awkward and chubby for being chunkier than ever – but even with all my extra layers of fluff I could see through the back row and all the way in to the mirrored wall – I AM BUFF! So me not fitting into that particular dress that used to fit even at my largest, might not only have to do with extra fluff but also FIERCE MUSCLE.

2015 06 10_2273_Snapseed

You should have SEEEEN me working on my shoulder mount grips later in that class! It is SO much fun to feel strong again, even though my body and I are not really on the same path, and the muscle is what I enjoy the most from my poledancing practice through out the years. I have never been someone people look up to or get amazed by, there are so many excellent dancers in Scandinavia I am not even close even though I have had the awesomely opportunity to work out a long side them… For me poledancing makes everything else in fitness so much more fun, so I keep going even though I am never going to be the best. Or skinny.

To mend this gap in attitude between my brain and my pain when it comes to working out, I need to get back on the yoga-train as well which is both more difficult and easier… More hard to find the peace needed for actual yoga when you have the cutest little person in the world climbing on you and no yogastudio to get help from, but also easier because all I really need is a mat. I have seen some pretty sweet outdoor solutions too which could maybe give me enough peace from the fam?

If I get a little more comfortable again with what I look like I hope to be able to share pictures of my journey in the future, because it’s ON people! And I am so excited! I miss not having photos from all the cool stuff I have done in the past, proof of tricks being possible, so I am hoping I will be better at capturing it this time around.


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