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Girl Marathon makes me want to run farther

Two Swedish women, Annie and Madde, got tired of how anything within running for women always meant ’less’. So they started their own marathon, called it a girl marathon, and decided that marathons for girls are 50K – in rough terrain.

Their first race in 2012 was not open for men, just like how marathons were closed for women for many years, but this year all genders are welcome. I love this idea!

I can’t run very far at all after motherhood happened and I definitely walk more than I run. But when I did run, I especially enjoyed going too far for my own good, exploring new areas with my feet. It takes time to run longer distances, even if I would run faster than my usual fairy prance, and I am not sure that I want to take time from my strength training for more running… Just the idea though, that girl races can be HARDER, it inspires me to do more training even if it’s ’just’ yoga.

Redefining competing and workouts for women, bit by bit. Like a conversation with my inspiring pole dancing coach, about conditioning and stretching. Being flexible is seen as a weakness, maybe because women are generally more flexible than men but have not been allowed to train muscles or get sweaty! The poor backs of women in history?

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  1. emmisen
    25 april, 2014 at 21:09

    annie, i accidentally deleted your comment! ;( thank you for your feedback though, i have changed what was wrong in the text.


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